VIDEO: The Honda Miimo – Your Autonomous Lawn Mower is Here

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Summer is on its way with blue skies, warm sun, and sweaty afternoons mowing the lawn. A few hours roasting in the sun is the price you pay for a beautiful yard, but not anymore. Honda is bringing its robotic Miimo lawn mower to the U.S. so you can relax while it does all the work.

When you think of autonomous technology these days, it’s usually cars. There are fully autonomous cars testing on roads right now and even production vehicles with autonomous tech. Features like lane keep assist, road departure mitigation, and automatic emergency braking all take action to prevent accidents without driver intervention.

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Now you can get an autonomous lawn mower to take the drudgery out of yard work. Miimo is a battery-powered robot that uses a microcomputer along with sensors and a timer to know exactly when and where to mow your lawn. It starts with a boundary wire installed by Honda Power Equipment. This wire gets buried along the perimeter of the space you want the Miimo to mow.

The wire creates an electric field so the Miimo knows what to avoid. Whether it’s the edge of the lawn, a tree, or your precious flower bed, the Miimo goes around the same things you navigate with your old-fashioned mower. There’s no worry about grass clippings either since this is a mulching mower that uses three razor pivot blades to finely mulch the clippings. It does all the work without you.

Choose Random, Directional, or Mixed cutting modes depending on the type of mowing. There are even special modes for unique situations. The Spiral setting handles areas where the lawn grows faster while Edge cuts around the edges of the lawn before going through the rest of the space.

Power comes from a lithium-ion battery that self-charges in a docking station. If Miimo gets down to a 30 percent charge in the middle of mowing the lawn, then it simply returns to its dock, recharges, and picks back up where it left off when it’s fully charged again.

There are two models available. The HRM 310 has a 22.2-volt battery that runs for 30 minutes with a 30-minute charge time and can handle roughly a half acre at a time. The HRM 520 runs for an hour with a one-hour charge time and can manage a .75-acre space.

We had the chance to check out the Miimo in action it worked beautifully. The unit navigated the designated space and even handled random obstacles. Yes, we all stood there to see what it would do if it bumped a person and it simply stopped, adjusted direction, and continued on its way.

It’s also surprisingly light at only 26 pounds with a carry handle that makes it easy to move. Although, you won’t need to mess with it since it comes and goes without your help.

Pricing for the smaller unit is $2,499 with the larger unit running $2,799. This includes the mower, installation of the wire and docking station by a Honda Power Equipment dealer, and a two-year warranty. It’s an investment you’ll appreciate when you’re lounging in your backyard enjoying a cold drink while your neighbor is out there doing the lawn the hard way.

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