Need A Last Minute Gift? AAA Membership Is Quick and Easy

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The holiday season is in full swing and you need a quick gift everyone will appreciate. AAA membership is very quick and easy to set up.

As the winter holiday season hits full swing, all of us struggle with cold-weather vehicle maintenance. Heading out the door for some last-minute shopping, we recently found one of our personal vehicles needed a jump start after a dome light was accidentally left on. Just to add insult to injury, we also spotted a screw in a brand new tire. Luckily for us, we have a AAA membership. We phoned AAA’s helpline on the Sunday before Christmas at 8:55 am and by 9:15 our vehicle was back in action. The experience made us realize that those last-minute gifts we were planning to grab paled in comparison to a AAA membership for some of our friends and family.

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Jump Start

AAA will come to you if your battery is dead. They will properly jump-start your vehicle, and you avoid the risks of injury and vehicle damage that came along with trying to jump-start your car with the rusty cables from your grandfather’s ’57 Bel Air.

Battery Service

AAA’s jump start service is more than just a jump too. The technician will check the health of your battery and your charging system and provide you with a report in real-time, or via e-mail that you can show your trusted local mechanic. This is a service that costs you nothing extra.

New Battery Replacement

If your battery is dead and overdue for replacement, AAA can usually replace your battery on the spot. The service vehicles carry a couple dozen of the most popular sizes and they are fully-charged and ready to be placed into your car. No other service we are aware of will do this for you. You will pay for this new battery of course, but the savings in time are significant.

Roadside Assistance & Tire Changing

If you find yourself with a flat tire, AAA will send a technician to change it for you and to mount your spare. Drive your vehicle to a safe place and try to put the flat tire in a position where the technician can work. Most importantly, keep yourself safe. If you are not part of a NASCAR pit crew the chances that you will successfully put your spare on faster than it takes AAA to get to you and do it are slim to none. Let the pros do this work.

Towing, Fuel, & More

If your vehicle is new and your favorite automaker stole your spare,  AAA can tow you to the best place to get that tire serviced or replaced. Or they can tow you wherever you want to go. This is true in any situation in which you need a tow, be it due to a breakdown, flat tire, or another issue. If you live in a rural area, or if your vehicle is a clunker, upgrade your AAA membership. That gives you a greater towing radius as part of your annual membership fee.

AAA memberships come with other benefits as well. Lock-out assistance, fuel delivery, ID theft monitoring, and complimentary one-day rental cars with towing are part of the various levels of membership.

How To Purchase AAA Memberships

Unlike the limited roadside assistance that many automakers include as part of their temporary warranty, AAA membership is linked to the cardholder, not your specific vehicle. Any vehicle in which you are riding or anyone you wish to assist will be covered by your membership. Think of the value of that for a college-aged teen traveling in a friend’s car on a road trip. You can even sign up your kids who don’t have their own car yet. AAA has basic annual memberships for under $60. Start at AAA’s website for details.

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