Need a Quick Fifty Bucks? Test Drive One Of These Vehicles

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Want to earn fifty bucks the easy way? Go drive a car.

Automakers know that if you try their vehicle you’re gonna love it. Todays’ vehicles are amazingly reliable, have simple to operate yet modern infotainments systems, and they all drive well. Dealers and manufacturers are so confident you will love the vehicle they are willing to pay you to stop in and test drive one. Typically, they will give you fifty bucks in the form of a gift card of some sort.

The big upside here is that you will get to try out a new vehicle. If you haven’t driven a new model in a while you are going to be pleasantly surprised. Are you of the opinion that all these modern do-dads and gadgets are a bunch of annoying hogwash? Why not put your opinion to the test and see for yourself? We know from our testing that the vast majority of driver aids are unobtrusive, easy to live with, and a definite benefit, but prove it to yourself.

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So which manufacturers are so eager to get you in the door that they will give you $50? Nissan for one. The new Leaf electric vehicle is fantastic. We’ve tested it multiple times and came away more impressed with each drive. If you have not driven an electric vehicle, or have not driven one of the new generation models, the Leaf is a fantastic one to try. We won’t spoil it for you, but we will say you will be shocked at its smooth, ample acceleration and just how quiet an EV can be. If you have a bad back, be sure to check out the Leaf’s seating. We think your back will thank you. Check with your local Nissan dealer to see if the test drive offer is in effect in your area.

Maybe EVs aren’t your bag. Perhaps you like a rough and ready vehicle that can go anywhere in any weather. If so, head on over to your local Jeep dealer and try the Wrangler. Jeep has fifty bucks with your name on it. When you are in the Jeep, be sure to be ready to wave to other Jeepsters as you pass. You will be immediately in the club, so you should learn the “secret handshake.” Jeeps are iconic and they have nostalgia for miles. However, the new Jeep Wrangler, redesigned in 2018, is also very efficient and has a hybrid option. Check out just how easy the convertible top works. That top is made in America and is unique among SUVs. To get started, head to Jeep’s website and click on “Find a Dealer.” The offer should pop up. Having trouble? Just call your local dealer for help. Jeep offers a $50 Amazon, Walmart, or Visa gift card.

Other recent test drive offers we have seen include Volvo ($65), Subaru ($50), Honda ($50), and Ford (up to $100). Click on the BestRide search to find a local dealer or call around to local dealers to see if any offers are close to you. What’s the downside? Be prepared to give up some information. Dealers are going to want your name and contact info so they can follow up the test drive. That seems like a fair trade for fifty bucks and time behind the wheel of a new vehicle.