New Nissan Frontier is Coming Next Year

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Trucks are big business with much of the focus put on full-size trucks. The Ford F-150 is the best selling vehicle in the country, so it makes sense that these trucks steal the spotlight, but mid-size trucks are also big business and Nissan is about to update the Frontier to make it more competitive in the segment.

The Toyota Tacoma has long been the go-to choice with competition coming from the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. Ford made the challenge tougher when it recently brought back the beloved Ranger and there’s also the new Jeep Gladiator. Then, there’s the Frontier.

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It hasn’t been all-new since 2005 putting it way behind the curve. A recent report in Automotive News says a new Frontier is on the way next year for the 2021 model year.

This new Frontier will include a new V6 engine with somewhere around 300 horsepower and a new 7-speed automatic transmission. What won’t be new is the platform, which will be an updated version of the current platform rather than the new one used on the Navara, which is available outside the United States

There will of course be a styling updated that will make the Frontier look more today and less like something from yesteryear. This is a much needed update on a vehicle that could yield some tidy sales gains.

Currently, despite its age, Nissan is selling more of the Frontier than the Nissan Titan. That just goes to show the strength of this segment. In an updated form with better styling and more power, the Frontier could be quite the contender alongside the Ranger and Canyon.

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The mid-size pickup truck segment is growing, so investing in a model like the Frontier couldn’t come at a better time. While Nissan isn’t likely to do anything that will drag sales of the Frontier down, how well they manage this update will determine whether it gets only mild applause or a standing ovation when it debuts.