Nissan Offers Extended Test Drives Through Turo

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A traditional test drive involves heading down to your local dealership, finding a salesperson, and going out for a brief drive in the car you think you might want to buy. This only gives you a small amount of time to decide if a car is right for you, but Nissan is now offering extended test drives in conjunction with Turo.

Turo is a car sharing marketplace where you can book any car, anytime, wherever you need one. It’s currently available in the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The program is a new experience for both Turo and Nissan.

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This partnership is the first of its kind and is being rolled out as a test in Los Angeles, Northern New Jersey, and Salt Lake City. Your test drive starts by heading to a dedicated landing page at Turo where you can see all the current models.

How long the test drive lasts is up to you. Schedule if for a few hours, a whole day, a weekend, or even longer. It’s all about letting you experience you potential new Nissan in a way that works for you. Drive it to work, pick up the kids at school, live with it for a little while and see if it’s right.

Available models will include like-new or late-model vehicles in the Nissan lineup and will be provided by both Turo hosts and Nissan dealerships. If after a test drive decide you decide you want to buy either a new or certified pre-owned Nissan, then you’ll be offered $300 toward that purchase as long as it’s within six months of the test drive.

Looking for a new or used Nissan? Check out BestRide’s listings search here.

While this is an opportunity for consumers to get a better feel for Nissan’s vehicles before they buy, it’s also an opportunity for Nissan. The program will help the company better understand peer-to-peer sharing services and see how they can influence buying decisions.

Drivers must be at last 25 years old, hold a valid US driver’s license, and be a Turo Approved Driver to participate. The program is already live and is currently set to run though May of 2020.