No, Kids Can’t Ride in an Inflatable Pool on Your Roof

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Remember, back in the good old days, when kids didn’t ride in car seats? They played around in the back of seat of the family sedan or maybe even in the bed of a pickup truck all while mom or dad drove. Yeah, not a safe way to travel, which is why you can’t do that anymore. It’s also why you can’t use your kid as a weight to secure an inflatable pool to your roof.

We are really trying to wrap our head around this one because it sounds more than a little crazy. According to the Dixon Illinois Police Department, 49-year-old Jennifer A. Janus Yeager thought this was somehow a good idea. Thankfully, someone saw her driving along and called the police.

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They found her in her Audi Q5 driving with two kids in the blow-up pool on her roof. Officers stopped the car and asked what the heck was going on, probably with that official police officer politeness that hides the outrage in their heads.

She told the officer that she drove to a friend’s house to inflate the pool and put her two daughters inside to hold it down on the ride home. Those kids were just 8 and 16.

One can’t help but wonder why she didn’t plan a bit better for this whole adventure. Perhaps a stop at Home Depot to pick up some rope or a few bungee cords on the way to blow up the pool would have been a good idea.

Nope, just stick the kids in there and go. Considering your kids have to be secured in car seats in almost every state, we have no idea what made her think an inflated pool on the roof of her Audi was an acceptable substitute.

Her lack of good judgement got her arrested and charged with two counts of endangering the health or life of a child and two counts of reckless conduct.  She was released after posting bond.

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The kids were unhurt, but this could have cone wrong in so many ways. Any time you have kids along for the ride, make sure they’re properly secured inside you car. The same goes for adults.

Today’s cars have endless advanced safety tech to keep us from getting hurt, but a seat belt still does wonders. And no matter how much safety tech is on your car, it won’t do a bit of good for kids sitting on your roof.