OMG, You Can Buy Zorak’s Honda Civic for $799!!

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Listen up, Kids: in 1995, Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast was — by a wide margin — the greatest talk show on television at a time when Jay Leno was just taking over the Tonight Show and Drew Barrymore was flashing David Letterman. Now, For less than $800, you can buy Zorak’s Honda Civic. 

The original Space Ghost cartoon ran in the 1960s, as a run-of-the-mill Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning superhero cartoon. Space Ghost Coast to Coast was a complete reboot, though, intended for adults and reinterpreted as a talk show. It used the original artwork from the original series, but cut in interviews and skits, just like any other talk show.


The premise was that Space Ghost captured some of the villains that he did battle with on the original series, and their punishment was that they had to be a part of the show. His bandleader, Zorak, is an an evil talking mantis who made no secret of the fact that he loathed Space Ghost with every fiber of his being.


The car in question — which appeared many times on the show — is being offered by a guy named C. Martin Croker, who gave voice to the evil insect the entire run of the show. The car has appeared on many Space Ghost episodes, along with the spinoff The Brak Show, and other interstitial shorts.

For $799, you get a Honda Civic in “decent shape” with 137,130 miles, with just one evil overlord owner since new. The seller notes that he’ll even throw in a custom Adult Swim drawing to the lucky buyer.


Drive a piece of animation history for less than the price of a weekend at Disney.

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