Ordering a Dodge Charger or Challenger Hellcat? Dodge Says Make Sure Your Dealer Can Fill It

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It’s not often that an automobile manufacturer calls out its retailers for less-than-helpful practices, but that’s what Dodge is doing by clarifying its ordering procedure for the Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger Hellcat. It stems from a number of dealers taking Hellcat orders without informing customers of the allocation process.

From a blog article on FCA Corporate’s page entitled “Avoiding Hellcat Disappointment,” the article notes “a small number of dealers are engaging in a practice that is causing a customer relations issue for FCA US LLC and all of its dealers.”

The blog post suggest that “this handful of dealers appears to have accepted large numbers of SRT Hellcat orders without regard to available supply and without advising their customers that orders may not be filled, if at all, for many months or longer.”


There are very specific metrics that determine whether a Dodge dealer can sell a Hellcat. “Under our current allocation formula, eligible Dodge dealers will receive Hellcat scheduling based on their total Dodge sales in the previous 90 days with verified customer sold orders being prioritized according to FCA’s standard allocation formula, practices and procedures for the applicable vehicles.”

Three key elements prevent dealers from scheduling a Hellcat order:

If the dealer has a non-customer ordered Hellcat in stock

If there’s an order already in process

If the dealer had a Hellcat in stock for more than five days in the previous month.

Under any of those conditions, dealers are specifically prevented from scheduling any Hellcat for production.

If none of those conditions are present, the dealer is eligible to schedule a Hellcat order. How those orders are filled are based on:

Total Dodge sales rank in the last 90 days

“Sold” order priority over “stock” orders

Available SRT production is one-per-dealer in priority order.

Dodge is encouraging customers to ask the following questions when they order a Hellcat:

  1. Is the dealer an authorized Dodge dealer?
  2. How many Hellcat orders does the authorized dealer have pending and where would I be on the list?
  3. Based on the dealer’s prior 90 day Dodge sales and previous Hellcat scheduling, when can I expect to receive my Hellcat order?
  4. Does the authorized dealer require a deposit for a Hellcat order?
  5. Is the deposit refundable and at what point in time?  Please consult your state law governing the vehicle orders and the return of deposits.

For more information on the ordering process, visit FCA Corporate’s blog at www.blogfcanorthamerica.com.


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