Passenger Dies at Walt Disney World Speedway Exotic Driving Experience

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Watching professional drivers on a track, it’s easy to think that you could handle those corners if someone would just let you get behind the wheel. There are several different companies that will give you that chance and let you drive on a track in all kinds of amazing cars, but that doesn’t make you a pro. It might make you feel like you know what you’re doing, but an accident this weekend is a reminder that most of us don’t have a clue.

The accident happened at the Walt Disney World Speedway on Sunday afternoon during the Exotic Driving Experience. This is held at the same speedway as the Richard Petty Driving Experience which is owned by Petty Holdings. It’s a one-mile track specifically designed for exotics like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche and gives regular folks a crack at some incredibly powerful cars.

This time it was 24-year-old TaVon Watson of Kissimmee, Florida who was behind the wheel of a white Lamborghini when he lost control of the car. In the passenger seat was 36-year-old Gary Terry, a driving instructor.

The car slid out of control and hit a guardrail, killing Terry who was pronounced dead at the scene when help arrived. The driver was taken to Celebration Hospital with minor injuries and has been released. What was likely supposed to be an amazing Sunday afternoon turned into a horrible tragedy.

These racing experiences are thrilling, but even with an experienced instructor in the seat next to you, it’s a dangerous activity. Professionals who know exactly what they’re doing manage to get into crashes despite their experience so it should be no surprise that a driver who isn’t a pro got into some serious trouble on the track.

The crash is under investigation and there’s a good chance that there was nothing done wrong other than the driver simply not having the skill to control the car in the turn. These special driving experiences can be a lot of fun, heck, I’ve taken a few laps around the New Hampshire Motor Speedway and it was incredible, but they are dangerous.

Here’s a look at the Exotic Driving Experience at the Walt Disney World Speedway.

UPDATED: At least one tweet allegedly showing a bird’s eye view of the crash site suggests that the Lamborghini crashed into the unprotected end of an ARMCO barrier. We’ll have more on this later today. — Craig Fitzgerald