PHOTO GALLERY: Bryce Menzies Wins Red Bull Frozen Rush 2015

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Nine Pro 4 Truck competitors tore up the mountain at Sunday River in Newry, Maine yesterday, all vying for the Red Bull Frozen Rush championship for 2015. Narrowly edging out defending champ Ricky Johnson, Bryce Menzies took the day.

Johnson had the edge at the start of the race, but Menzies bump-drafted Johnson’s Pro 4 and tore up the bodywork. Just a few turns later, Johnson got sideways after the uphill rollers, and missed a flag. After a huge jump, Johnson nearly spun his truck out, and forced him to miss a marker on the course. “With the ice, you can’t see the conditions,” Johnson said after the race. “My wheels landed a little bit off the groove and sent me sideways.”

Red Bull Frozen Rush Jan 14-8

Johnson race to make up time, but halfway through the six-lap, head-to-head final, it was clear that Menzies was on his way to victory. The track was torn to pieces as the 800hp trucks — each shod with four BF Goodrich tires with over 700 3/4-inch spikes on each tire — churned their way through the snow and ice. Dirt was beginning to show through the course as Menzies held his lead and took the checkered flag.

“It’s amazing,” Menzies said of winning the event. [Ricky has] been my teammate for four years and he’s helped me through pretty much everything… And to start off the season with a win is huge.”

Red Bull Frozen Rush Jan 14-20


On the East Coast, we don’t get to see these trucks very often, and a lot of these guys are based in California. For them to battle sub- and near-zero conditions with fresh snow is just awesome. If you get a chance to see it next year, don’t miss it.

The entire event is available on demand at the Red Bull site.  NBC is also showing an edited version of the competition as part of the Red Bull Signature Series on March 1, 2015, starting at 2:00 pm ET.


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