Photo Gallery: Buddy Holly’s 1959 Ariel Cyclone

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Waylon-Jennings-Buddy-Holly-Ariel-Cyclone-BestrideWe mentioned that Buddy Holly’s bike was coming up for auction in October, and this morning, we got a gorgeous photo gallery showing just how original the bike actually is.

Ariel Motorcycles was based in Bournbrook, Birmingham, England, and in its heyday was one of the leading innovators of British motorcycles. The company was sold to BSA in 1951, and the Ariel brand lived on until 1967. The last motorcycle to carry the Ariel name was produced in 1970.

Ariel was most famous for the Square Four, a four-cylinder motorcycle engine which was essentially a pair of parallel twins joined at the flywheels, cast in a single block, with a single head. 

Buddy Holly’s Cyclone was a 650cc twin.

Auction house Guernsey’s sent along some amazing detail photos of the bike.

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