PHOTOS: The Honda Bulldog Concept is Plain Weird

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Honda Motorcycles introduced its latest concept, the Honda Bulldog, at the Osaka Motorcycle Show this week, and it’s about as weird as it’s going to get in the motorcycle market right now.

It looks pretty out there, but mechanically, it’s pretty much the least exciting motorcycle on the planet. It’s the home-market 400cc version of the 500cc inline twin we get in the CB500 here. Instead of the 17-inch wheels that bike gets, it features 15-inch black wheels with off-road, knobby tires.


It’s got a lot of family resemblance with the Honda Ruckus scooter, with its plastic fuel tank, twin headlamps and racks/crash bars, but instead of the bright yellow that bike’s racks are painted, Honda reaches all the way back to early 1990s Ford Ranger pickups for the last remaining quart of teal automotive paint.


The good news for those short of inseam is that it’s got a 28-inch seat height, which makes it useable for almost anyone on two legs. Honda says its design should make you think: “Lovable Touring Partner.” Okay then. 

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