Porsche Lawsuit Gets Owners Free Sunglasses

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A sunny day is a great time to take your car out for a spin. It’s especially great if you happen to own a Porsche, but some owners had a problem. The dashboard trim on their cars blinded them in bright sun forcing them to go out and spend their hard-earned cash on a pair of polarized sunglasses.

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Yes, it seems like a trivial issue, but it wasn’t trivial at all to the owners of these particular Porsches. It was such a problem they went and started a class action lawsuit to get the brand to pony up for a reimbursement. You heard that right. People who spent the kind of money you need to spend to buy a Porsche balked at the price of a pair of sunglasses.

These poor Porsche owners had their day and reached a settlement. Anyone who owned or leased a 2007-2016 Porsche with a Cognac, Luxor Beige, Natural Brown, Platinum Grey, or Sand Beige dashboard can take advantage of the settlement. If they bought sunglasses or made modifications to cut down on this horrifying glare, then they can get between $50 and $175 as compensation. Those Porsche owners are basically getting a free pair of sunglasses out of the deal.

The details of the settlement give owners until September 21, 2017 to file a claim for polarized sunglass reimbursement and until June 25, 2018 for other reimbursement claims. The deadline to object to the settlement has passed so you can either jump on board and get your reimbursement now or do nothing and pass your chance at some cash from Porsche.

No one likes glare blinding them when they’re driving, but you can’t help but laugh at this particular complaint. These are people buying rather expensive cars that most of us will never be able to afford. They’ve got pockets deep enough to buy a Porsche, but pale at the thought of buying a pair of sunglasses. If they did buy a pair, chances are they bought something that cost more than what the settlement offered.

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Those involved claimed it was a safety issue even though Porsche said they had no reports of any injuries due to the glare. Rather than argue in court and rack up ridiculous legal fees, shelling out the money to cover the cost of sunglasses worked for all parties.

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