President Trump’s New “Beast” Limousine Debuts in NYC

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The Secret Service guards the President, but when he’s rolling around town, it’s his limousine that keeps him safe. The Beast might look like just any other limousine with the addition of the Presidential seal on the doors and flags at the front fenders, but it’s a fortress on wheels. President Trump took an inaugural ride in the latest Beast on Sunday in New York City.

This is the first major redesign of the presidential limousine since 2009, and while that may sound like a long time, updating this vehicle is a bit more complicated than updating a production car. Exact details about the Beast are top secret, but there are some you can figure out without official specs.

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It’s heavily armored and has doors that are one-foot thick. White House social media director Dan Scavino Jr posted an image on twitter that showed off the doors as President Trump walked to the car.

There’s also bulletproof glass and reports that is comes with its own oxygen supply in case of a chemical attack. Other rumored features include protection against explosives, tear gas launchers, and even emergency medical equipment including a supply of the President’s blood type.

This Cadillac emblems may have you thinking they were in charge of the build, but the Secret Service has a lot to say about the design. It’s not even a car, but a vehicle built on a truck chassis. They used to simply modify stock limousines, but they had a habit of breaking down.

It wasn’t the fault of the cars, but rather the ridiculous number of modifications done by the Secret Service. It was too much for the cars to handle so beginning with George W. Bush, the Secret Service started designing them from the ground up.

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You might think there are only a few of these in operation given their complexity and their cost. Nope. The two that rolled through New York City on Sunday are the first of roughly a dozen being built by General Motors. The cost is a whopping $15.8 million.

It looks a lot like the Beast the carried Obama during his presidency, but a bit more modern. Its sleeker and loses some of the angles that were more popular elements back when it was originally built.

Expect to see President Trump in the new fleet of Beast limousines the next time he rolls through your town.