PRO TIP: Don’t Try To Drive a Mazda Miata Through a Flood

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The Boston area has experienced about a year’s worth of rain in the last 24 hours, and it’s flooding areas that are generally never underwater. As this driver found out, a Mazda Miata might not be the best option for fording a river.

The photo comes from the intersection of Route 126 North and Route 9 East in Framingham, Massachusetts, about 25 minutes west of the city of Boston.

There’s a Tout video showing the same intersection from a different angle, where a number of drivers of an Infiniti QX50, a Chrysler Town & Country, and a Mazda3 Hatchback made their way out onto Route 9 like U-Boat commanders:

Our hapless Miata driver must’ve tried the same thing, but there’s no way a car with the ground clearance of a deck of playing cards is going to make it through that much water.

The Massachusetts State Police closed the intersection by 11:00 this morning.

Craig Fitzgerald

Craig Fitzgerald

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