VIDEO: Racing The Isle of Man On Mobility Scooters

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Isle of Nan TT, Image Extreme Trifle

The Isle of Man TT is one of the most famous motorcycle races in the world. It is a treacherous course with banks, elevation changes, blind corners and just about everything you can think to throw at a driver. Speeds exceed 120 MPH with the record lap time breaking 132 MPH. On this particular race, the times were a bit slower, because mobility scooters aren’t known for their speed.

The credit, or blame, for this craziness goes to the guys at Extreme Trifle who delight in taking ridiculous journeys. This particular adventure saw the lot of them renting mobility scooters and taking on the famed Isle of Man course.

Isle of Nan TT Taking a Corner, Image Extreme Trifle

They chose to do this on mobility scooters because, well, why the heck not? They also decided that they needed to look the part. You don’t see guys in motorcycle leathers riding around on those things, but you do see lots of grandmas and grandpas rolling along the sidewalk. They dressed accordingly with fuzzy slippers, comfy robes, and purses likely full of hard candies.

They called it the Isle of Nan TT and it included 15 mobility scooters that were carefully prepped to set record slowest lap times on the course. Preparations included several rounds of Bingo and carousing that lasted well into the afternoon hours.

Isle of Nan TT Horrific Crash, Image Extreme Trifle

The race started and the first challenge of the day quickly became apparent. The fastest vehicles on the road got to take all the room they needed, but mobility scooters were given only the narrowest of spaces along the edge.

The harrowing race included not just the threat of speedy traffic, but the constant pressure of kids on bikes kicking up all sorts of stones in their wake. Range anxiety was also an issue, proving that no one is entirely ready for electric vehicles. Drivers kept vigilance over dwindling battery indicators and several stops for recharging the fleet were required.

Motorcycle racers can take the course in roughly 17 minutes, but it becomes an endurance race on a mobility scooter. With an average time of .56 MPH the group took 66 hours and 13 minutes to reach the finish line. Yes, that is a new record for the slowest ever Isle of Man lap time.

Isle of Nan TT Popping Wheelies , Image Extreme Trifle

There was much joy and excitement as the weary adventurers completed their mission. No one was seriously injured, and the only evidence of their passing was a stray slipper, a few curlers, and a steady trail of cookie crumbs. Read the full play-by-play and see more pictures over at Motorpunk.