Buy Your Very Own Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

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The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is both ridiculous and fantastic at the same time. It’s likely one of the most famous cars out there, even if it’s not one that any regular Joe could ever hope to buy. It has nothing to do with how expensive it is, but with the fact that it isn’t a production car and exists only as a promotional tool for the people at Oscar Mayer. Now, you can own one, albeit slightly smaller than the original.

It was back in July when the company showed off an off-road RC version of their famous car. It was glorious, but it was just a one-off. We all got to watch it in videos, but we were deprived of the privilege of owning one of these and sending it off home-built ramps in our backyards.

The world was sad and Oscar Mayer felt our pain. They’re hoping to ease it with the release of an RC Wienermobile that you can buy. Finally. It’s like an early Christmas, but without the whole having tolerate out-of-town family that drives you nuts.

Wienermobile 2

Since it’s an ode to hot dogs, it has a special hot dog compartment. It will hold two hot dogs that you can pilot across the yard to your buddy, or through the house to the living room, or wherever there is a pressing need for hot dogs.

You can buy your Mini Wiener Rover for $25 on the Oscar Mayer website. It’s being made in limited numbers and in small batches so it’s not going to be easy to snag. The only way to know when they’re available is to follow the Oscar Mayer Twitter feed. That’s where they’ll be announcing new availability along with a link to purchase.

It might seem like a lot of work having to stalk a company’s twitter feed just to get your hands on an RC car, but this isn’t any old RC car. How could you not want to have one of these things? All the other kids will be jealous and so will their parents. Just imagine how much fun it could be sending this out across the yard for summer hot dog delivers.

Its lure is irresistible, and if we buy them out, who knows what Oscar Mayer might do next. Could sales of a full-size Wienermobile be in our future? One can only hope.