Red Bull LEGO Batmobile Soapbox Racer is Ready to Roll

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Batmobile Soapbox

Soapbox races are a lot of fun for kids and even more fun for adults who go all out to create the perfectly themed vehicle. Sure, you want to win the race, but you also want to look good. That’s how this incredible Lego Batmobile soapbox racer found its way into the Red Bull race in London on Sunday.

Team You Gotham Be Kidding Me recreated the Batmobile in Lego soapbox form with fantastic details. There are Lego bricks complete with studs and light accents that look like the clear, colored bricks you’ll find in real Lego sets.

Since this is the Batmobile, it also gets giant batwing fins on the back and a few extra modifications. Though it does not shoot rockets or grappling hooks, it does have imitation flames shooting out from the rear end.

Batmobile Rear

The team behind this racer didn’t stop with the creation of the car. They also made Batman Lego costumes to wear. They even had those curved Lego hands designed to perfectly hold Lego bits and accessories.

The vehicle was piloted by Batman (Kris Howson) with a crew that included Robin (Nathan Howson), Joker (Lee Mansfield), and Penguin (Marc Stobbs). As cool as the car looked, they ran into some trouble on race day and were unable to complete the course.

Batmobile Soapbox Racer

This was a big disappointment to the team as they’d worked very hard to build a racer that not only looked cool, but would be able to make a good showing with all the other crazy racers. Seems like Joker and Penguin would be the obvious culprits. Teaming up with villains never ends well.

The Batman Lego Soapbox racer may not have won the race, but it won the hearts of spectators who even voted it one of the most creative entrants this year. This was up against teams themed as everything from The Lord of the Rings to The A-Team to Breaking Bad.