Rezvani Beast X: When 0 to 60 In 2.7 Seconds Is Too Leisurely

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Our friends over at have been talking with Rezvani, which builds an outrageous two-seater called Beast. As if that 500ho, 2.7-second nightmare wasn’t quick enough, they also caught wind of a planned Beast X with 700hp.

According to BoldRide’s Jonathon Klein, the latest scoop on the Rezvani Beast X came from CEO Ferris Rezvani and designer Samir Sadikhov: “[T]he pair let us in on a little big secret. A 700-horsepower Beast X is coming; theĀ X definitely hints at performance.”

Rezvani Beast 1

The Rezvani Beast is based on the featherweight Ariel Atom, and features a Honda Racing K24 “twin-charged” engine, indicating that it’s got both a supercharger and a turbocharger. Tipping the scales at just 1,700 pounds, it doesn’t take Albert Einstein to figure out that the Beast has the potential to be brutally fast. The company just unveiled the Speedster, which is based on the same platform, but with a normally aspirated engine.

Rezvani Beast 2

According to BoldRide, the Beast X would dispense with the twin-charger setup, and opt instead for twin Garrett sequential turbochargers. Bodywork revisions will likely be aimed at keeping the car from taking flight.

The full story is available at, where you can see a full gallery of photos.

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