Ride The Waves in This Custom Jeepski

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Say you have a Jeep and you love it, but you really wish it weren’t limited to just driving on land. They’re legendary for their off-road prowess, but even that Trail Rated badge isn’t going to let you drive one into a lake without dire results. That’s why you need this custom Jeepski.

It looks a little bit like something the guys on Top Gear might have cobbled together for some ridiculous challenge, but this is an actual thing owned by an actual guy who is not a Top Gear presenter. It belongs to someone named Charlie who lives in Bridgewater, Massachusetts and he has put it up for sale on Craigslist for $8,000.

Jeepski Trailered

What you’re looking at is a jet ski that has been topped with a bright blue Jeep body. The Jet Ski means it’s entirely sea worthy, at least it appears that way, although you’ve got to figure the manufacturer’s warranty went out the window when they started modifying the body.

You can see the Jet Ski innards peeking out from beneath the Jeep body when it’s on land, but in the water it will make you do a double-take because all you see is Jeep. The wheels are ridiculously thin and look better suited to a bike than a car, but this particular Jeep is never going anywhere on land unless it’s on the back of a trailer.

Jeepski Interior

The Jeepski is powered by a 50 horsepower outboard motor and it has power tilt and trim which makes it easy to get it off the trailer and down into the water. Sadly, details on how this Frankenstein creation was built are missing from the Craigslist ad. Fiberglass Jeep CJ-5 tubs are readily available, which must’ve been the start.

Jeepski Motor

You really have to wonder how he even had the idea to build the Jeepski. Is he a huge Jeep fan who decided he needed to conquer the water? Did someone mock his Jeep’s inability to hit the lake for some summer fun so badly that he decided to prove them wrong? We might never know, but this is one weird labor of love.

(via Jalopnik)