Rivian R1T Electric Truck Boasts 400-Mile Range

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Electric vehicles tend to be small, rather than huge. Sure, there are a couple of crossovers out there, but if you make a list you will find EVs tend to be on the small side. Rivian aims to change that with its new electric truck.

Part of the challenge with owning an electric vehicle is the range. The growing network of charging stations is making this far less of an issue, but electric vehicles are still found in greater numbers in the city. The shorter range and compact size of something like a Nissan Leaf is perfect for urban life.

That doesn’t mean people who want big vehicles won’t go electric, just that it’s tougher to find the right vehicle. Rivian is betting big that truck fans will happily go electric when they see its new electric pickup truck.

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The Rivian R1T has a 180 kWh battery pack that will keep you going for more than 400 miles. That’s an incredible range that easily covers everything from the average commute to a weekend road trip. Plug-in to a DC fast charger and it gets an 80 percent charge in 50 minutes making it workable for even longer trips.

Let’s throw a few more numbers around, because that’s what makes the R1T so impressive. It can do 0-60 mph in all of 3 seconds, which puts it on par with supercars. It also has a wading depth of 3 feet, so if you want to take your electric truck for an adventure, no problem. Finally, it can tow up to 11,000 pounds.

Th R1T also offers unique storage options, which is a key feature when you’re looking to buy a truck. There’s a front trunk with 11.7 cubic feet of space since there’s no need for a pesky internal combustion engine.

There’s also what Rivian calls a gear tunnel with 12.4 cubic feet of storage room. It sits between the cab and the bed and runs across the width of the truck. This is ideal for long items like skis and golf bags.

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Inside, it’s a tech savvy truck with a 15.6-inch touchscreen on the dashboard that’s reminiscent of the Tesla Model 3. There’s a second 12.3-inch screen for the instrument cluster and even a 6.8-inch touchscreen on the back of the center console.

You can preorder the Rivian R1T now with a $1,000 deposit. Pricing starts at $69,000 with the first delivers expected in 2020.