VIDEO: Man Runs Motorcycle Off Road, Road Rage or an Accident?

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Road Rage

Road rage is real. We’ve all had that moment when enough people have cut us off, flipped us off, and ticked us off to the point that we are ready to run the next guy who crosses us right off the road. The thing is, that’s dangerous and illegal, so rational people check that rage and continue safely on their way. It looks like one guy was anything but rational when he ran a motorcycle off the road.

Over the weekend in Granbury, Texas there were a few people who made colossally bad driving decisions that led to a horrible accident. The first was Eric Sanders who was riding a motorcycle along with Debra Simpson. He decided that traffic wasn’t moving fast enough and attempted to pass another car. The problem is, this was a no passing zone with a double yellow line.

As the bike began to overtake a white sedan, the driver of that car, William Crum, swerved directly into the motorcycle knocking the bike and its occupants across the highway. He then proceeded to drive away from the scene of the accident.

The driver of the bike received minor injuries, but passenger Simpson was flown to the hospital and was in intensive care. It was a serious accident and the whole thing was caught on video, along with Crum saying, “I don’t care,” when the person recording the video stops him.

It looks for all the world like Crum lost his cool and drove into the motorcycle on purpose. Sanders was passing illegally and the police later cited him for that and for not having a valid licence. That doesn’t excuse Crum losing his cool and causing an accident that could have killed someone.

Crum says he didn’t mean to hit the bike at all. He claims he was bitten by a bug and veered accidentally without any intention of hitting the motorcycle. Bystanders are unconvinced and so are authorities. Crum has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and has bail set at $150,000.

There are a few lesson to take away from this whole incident. First, don’t be an idiot on the road, especially on a motorcycle. In a tussle with a car, the bike is always going to lose and it’s not going to be pretty no matter who is to blame.

Second, although it’s a matter for the courts to decide in this case, don’t let your road rage get the better of you. The guy who cut you off might be a jerk and the woman texting may be swerving like a maniac, but you still have to play by the rules.