Russian Dashcams Even More Entertaining with NASCAR Spotter

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There are dashcams in cars around the world, but there’s just something special about what manages to find its way to the internet from Russia. It makes the whole country look like some kind of crazed free-for-all where everyone has only had a license for about twenty minutes. It’s entertaining stuff, but even more so with a NASCAR spotter dubbed over it all.

Usually all you get is some Keystone Cops music or perhaps some Russian swears. We’re just guessing on that last bit, but since crashes in places where people speak English usually result in English swears, we can safely assume the Russians let loose in a similar manner.

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While a translation of what people are saying would be nifty, Jgallstar1 instead decided to dub a dashcam video with a NASCAR spotter. The results are wonderful.

A NASCAR spotter is the guy the driver relies on to see what’s happening on the track. The driver’s job is to go fast. The spotter’s job is to be a voice in the driver’s ear constantly coaching him on how to go fast and not crash. It’s a fairly important job.

A driver can’t see who’s coming up on him, crashes just around the next turn, or when the car in front of him is suddenly slowing due to some mechanical problem. The spotter is an extra set of eyes that lets the driver know when to speed up, slow down, or change lanes on the fly.

That’s how it all works on the track. We can’t have spotters in the real world aside from the growing number of driver assistance features that beep and blink at us, but if we did, then it might look like this video.

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Some of these crashes you can see coming, but others look like they’re going to work out until the last minute when they fall to pieces. All the while, our intrepid NASCAR spotter is there telling the driver what he should be doing.

The driver doesn’t listen at his own peril, just like on the track, and many a car meets its demise. You keep being you, Russia, and we’ll keep wasting time watching the results.