Doctor Raps Hilarious Version of “Baby Got Back” Promoting Car Seat Safety

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On the endless list of gear you need to buy when you have a child is a car seat. While there are plenty of things you can hold off buying right away, you can’t even leave the hospital without this one. Car seat needs change over the years and one doctor decided to create a hilarious rap video to encourage proper car seat usage.

Dr. Kate Cook starts off her video posted by the Norman Regional Health System by apologizing to anyone with any kind of musical talent. She’s a doctor, not a rapper, but she gives it her best effort all in the name of saving lives.

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The chosen song is “Baby Got Back,” which makes an odd amount of sense for the information she’s communicating. The safest place for kids of any age is always the back seat, and for the littlest kids, they should be in a rear-facing seat.

It can be confusing to figure out just how you’re supposed to secure your kids. That’s in part because guidelines are confusing with many listing an age range for a certain kind of seat.

Kids don’t grow at the same rate, which means some kids will outgrow their car seat far sooner than others. Rather than focusing on a child’s age, new guidelines focus on a child’s size.

The American Academy of Pediatrics updated its guidelines last year to encourage parents to keep kids in rear-facing car safety seats until they reach the highest weight or height allowed by the seat.

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Once they move their way to a forward-facing seat with a harness, again the guideline is now to keep them in that seat until they reach the height or weight limits listed by the manufacturer.

The last step is a booster seat, which they should use until the vehicle’s seat belt fits them properly. Depending on the child, they could be anywhere from 8 to 12 years old.

If you have a small child, then they may not make their way from infant carrier to booster seat as fast as their friends. That’s not only okay, it’s much safer.

Regardless of a child’s age or the type of car seat being used to keep them safely secured, the best place for kids is the back seat. Even if your child is at an age where they can safely sit with a seat belt like adults, it’s always safer for kids to be in the rear seats.