Ford Recalls 1.3 Million Vehicles Because Steering Wheels Might Come Off

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Automakers issue vehicle recalls on a regular basis for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes they’re minor issues that, while still important to repair, don’t run the risk of causing a major problem when you’re driving. Ford, however, just issued a recall for a serious issue. Some of the steering wheels in its cars might come off.

The recall is for select Ford Fusions and Lincoln MKZs, so it’s only two models, but it covers 1.3 million vehicles. The affected vehicles include 2014-2018 Ford Fusions and 2014-2018 Lincoln MKZs.

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The problem is with steering wheel bolts. They may not maintain their original torque, so over time those bolts will come loose. This could can end up making the steering wheel so loose that it completely detaches.

This is a dangerous problem but it has an easy fix. The installation of a larger bolt with more thread and a large nylon patch will make sure the bolts stay nice and tight and your steering wheel continues to steer your car rather than popping off in your hands. So far, Ford is aware of at least two accidents with one injury as a result of the steering wheel issue.

Ford issued a second recall for the 2013-2016 Ford Focus and 2013-2015 Ford Fusion for a separate problem. This time, the problem is with the clutch plate in select vehicles with a manual transmission.

Over time, the clutch lining can wear prematurely eventually causing cracks around the outer edge of the pressure plate. This lets transmission fluid near the ignition and can result in an engine compartment fire.

Only 5,872 vehicles are affected by this recall and thankfully there have been no reports of any fires or injuries so far. The fix for the clutch lining requires both a software update and a new clutch assembly.

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Ford is mailing recall notifications to affected owners to notify them that their vehicle needs to be brought in for repair. As with any recall, it won’t cost owners a penny, so if you get a notice in the mail, contact your local dealer promptly to get a repair scheduled.