GM 30 million recalls 2014

GM recalls 30 million N. American cars in total for 2014 – video

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GM 30 million recalls 2014

GM released its final tally today for recalls in 2014.  For all of the North American market and exports built in the N. American market for export, the total number of GM vehicles recalled is 30,433,365.

The number for US GM cars recalled cars is lower at 26,951,675.  GM’s press release had no text to accompany the long list of cars that were recalled.  Sometimes saying nothing speaks volumes.  This was a very tough year for GM regarding recalls.  GM’s new leader, Mary Barra, was hauled before congress to explain why the company didn’t change faulty ignitions even though managers at GM knew the problem was a safety issue.   The company enlisted Kenneth R. Feinberg, the guy that sets up funds following terrorist attacks, to help keep GM execs out of jail or worse, another bankruptcy.  Call that GM’s best marketing move in a century.  Unlike the usual “No crashes have occurred and no injuries have been reported” we associate with the majority of recalls, GM found itself discussing deaths and injuries due to many of the recalls on this list in 2014.

The recalls cover so many parts of so many cars it is hard to know how to begin to summarize the list.  One way is to say “Mostly ignition related things.”  Seven separate line items cover millions of cars and trucks and multiple GM brands that had ignition related recalls.  Those brands include many nameplates that GM abandoned over the past decade including Saturn, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile.  Sometimes breaking up is hard to do.  GM dealers nationwide have been slammed with customers bringing in cars for recall work.  Ironically, this has helped GM sales according to many.

The complete list of recalls is listed here below:

GM recalls 30 million vehicles