VIDEO: Watch As Louisiana Woman Saved From Drowning in Mazda Miata

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“I’m going to die. I’m drowning!”  “We’re coming!”

Those are the last words spoken to a woman in Louisiana who was swept away in a flood while driving her Mazda Miata before the entire cabin was submerged.

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Rescuers in a boat had approached, but she was trapped and unable to escape.  On average, about 400 people drown inside cars each year. Flash floods are just one of the many ways that people find themselves in cars filling with water. Florida has the most vehicle drownings. BestRide’s story, What Do You Do If You Drive Into Water, covered this topic in detail in 2014.

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As you can see in the video, breaking into the car by smashing the rear window does not succeed. That is when one savvy rescuer jumps in after calling for a knife. He cuts the rear section of the Miata’s roof open and reaches his arms inside to feel for the trapped woman.

He makes contact, and the way the woman is pulled from the Miata in a manner that can only be described as a “birthing.”

However, the drama isn’t over. Once outside the vehicle the woman yells “Oh my God! Get My dog! Get my dog!” The dog too is pulled from the vehicle via the opening cut in the Miata’s roof. The Miata has for many years also been offered with a hard-top convertible roof. This woman is lucky that she opted to buy a Miata with a ragtop.

The Weather Channel says that the easiest way to die related to weather is by trying to cross a flooded roadway in a vehicle. The National Weather Service urges drivers to ” “Turn around, don’t drown!”