SALES COMPARISON: Mid-Sized Sport-Luxury Sedans

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Our recent review of the Lexus GS 350 F Sport got us thinking about how it is faring in its competitive sport-luxury sedan segment. Let’s take a look.

The BMW 5-series is tops, with 20,616 sales so far. That’s up about a thousand from last year, so things are still going smoothly for this Bimmer.


The Mercedes-Benz E Class is second, with 18,641 sold. That’s about 33% off last year’s volume. Mercedes can’t be happy about that.

2014 E250 BlueTEC

Number three is the Lexus GS, at 9,499 units. That’s up 10% from last year. Funny that the GS was nearly killed off before its last redesign. Lexus is certainly making hay with it now.


Fourth is what I thought would be third – the Audi A6/S6. At 8,978 units, it’s down from the Lexus by only about 500 cars. But it’s an indicator of the strength Lexus is exerting in this field. And in fact, the Audi’s volume is down eight percent from last year.


Within spitting distance of fourth place is fifth’s Cadillac CTS, with 8,154 sold. Sounds good, except that number is down a massive 41% from the period before. That’s a lot of lost profit, especially on a high-margin car like the CTS. It’s a shame this veteran of Cadillac’s lineup isn’t holding up the side while the company waits for new product.

2015 Cadillac CTS sedan

Sixth place is on a lower plateau. The Infiniti Q70 occupies this spot with less than half of the CTS’s volume, at 3,871 units. On the bright side, that figure is up 65% from last year. Infiniti would do well to keep that momentum going.

2015 Infiniti Q70

Jaguar with its XF is close behind in seventh place, with 3,144 units. Jaguar have always been a niche product, and this low number shows that exclusivity is still very much that marque’s trait. (Shown is the revised 2016 XF.)


Last we have Acura with the RLX. Your author’s experience showed it to be adrift in a sea of mumbled road manners and an Accord-like shape. With only 976 sold, buyers seem to agree.

That low number is about half of last year’s. Bully for Acura that it persists with the RLX; here’s hoping that the end will justify the means.

2016 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid

Tell us in the comments – what do YOU think of the way these numbers shook out?