SALES WATCH: Last Year’s Winners And Losers

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Looking ahead to 2015, we see how last year’s sales performances are shaping carmakers’ strategies moving forward. Cadillac is trying to be chic-er, Scion is going more sedan-y, and lots of others are making all kinds of adjustments. Here are a few notables from the year-end list.

WINNER: Jaguar F-Type – 4,112,  up 45%

Nice that Jaguar’s wonderful sports car has seen its popularity multiply, it deserves it.


LOSER: Volkswagen Tiguan – 25,121, down 16%

The Tiguan‘s European assembly cost prices it too high, and that with the lack of a TDI option has the Tiguan dying on the vine in one of the market’s hottest segments. VW execs must curse this thing every day they wake up, as it represents a terrible missed opportunity.


WINNER: Buick Enclave – 62,300, up 3% 

The Enclave has proved its staying power…


…which Buick is celebrating.


Maybe 2015’s new Dark Plum interior – which reminds us of an ’80s Riviera – will maintain the Enclave’s trend.


LOSER: Cadillac XTS – 24,335, down 25%

Shame the XTS isn’t holding buyers’ attentions, it’s not a bad car. Maybe it’s the pinched front-end styling that keeps it down, or its name, which could be a deluxe version of a body shaver. On the plus side, the XTS’s unpopularity is driving down its used value in particular, so XTS deals can be had.


WINNER: Jeep Compass – 61,264, up 13%

The Compass debuted in the late-’00s with howls of protest for its slushy CVT transmission and cheap plastic interior. Upgrades inside and out – you can now get it with a five-speed manual or six-speed auto in addition to a CVT – keep the little Compass swimming upward. The similar Patriot is up even more – up 19% to 93,462 units.


WINNER: Tesla – 26,400, up 20%

If the electric Tesla‘s future is as bright as last year’s sales figures, then we’ll be seeing a lot more of these chargers around.


LOSER: Scion iQ – 2,040, down 50%

Apparently there just aren’t enough urbanites who pine for the iQ’s startlingly tight turning radius. Maybe this Scion just too goofy to survive.


WINNER: Chevrolet Spark – 39,159, up 13%

The tiny little Spark is doing well to bring more entry-level buyers into Chevy’s fold. By comparison, the Mitsubishi Mirage sells less than half of the Spark’s volume.


Tell us in the comments – which of these tales of winners and losers are you not surprised by?