Shirtless Dude Steals Indianapolis 500 Festival Camaro SS Convertible

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Things were pretty quiet at Bill Estes Chevrolet in Indianapolis until a shirtless guy with glasses broke in, stole the Camaro SS Convertible Indianapolis 500 festival car and drove it through a tempered glass door.

Our pal Patrick Rall at Torque News just put up a post last week about the cars arriving at Bill Estes Chevrolet in Indianapolis. The Camaro hasn’t been announced as the official pace car, and while the report on Fox 59 says the Camaro was a “pace car,” it really was a festival car used to shuttle dignitaries around the town when the race arrives.


According to Patrick’s story, “These cars will look like the official use Festival Cars, but the extra 50 2015 Camaro convertibles will reach dealerships without the added miles of the cars being used by race VIPs. The 50 official use cars will eventually make their way into private hands, but for those prospective Camaro buyers who want a brand new 2015 Indy 500 Festival Car, that chance is coming.”


The cars weren’t there a week before the shirtless guy arrived, fired up one of the Camaros and drove it through the tempered glass doors, down the stairs and out into the street. The car was abandoned nearby after police said it was rendered inoperable.


“The suspect is described as a white male with glasses and no shirt. Police believe he is on foot, and say he may be hurt from driving the car through the glass door with the top down.,” according to Fox 59.

Police have released a composite sketch of the perp.

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(Images Courtesy Bill Estes Chevrolet)


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