2015 Chevrolet Colorado GMC Canyon

SHOCKER: The F-150 Comes in Third in M/T’s Truck of the Year Behind the Ford Transit

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It’s rare for the staff of a magazine to unanimously choose a Truck of the Year, but that’s what happened at MOTOR TREND when it bestowed that award on the Chevrolet Colorado today. What’s surprising is that the incessantly talked about F-150 was beat out by the Chevrolet Colorado (and presumably, the GMC Canyon), as well as what amounts to a fleet truck.

“When it came down to it, after over a week’s worth of testing, we sat down, we hashed it all out,” said Editor-in-Chief Edward Loh. “All the judges are asked to write down their top 3 picks – and third place was the Ford F-150; second place was Ford Transit, and by unanimous vote was the Chevrolet Colorado.”




Given all the fuss over the all-aluminum F-150, you have to wonder how it fell behind not only the Chevrolet Colorado — a nice truck to be sure, but one that’s built much more traditionally than the 2015 F-150 is — but how it was outpaced by its own Transit full-size commercial van, which will be purchased by nobody but your plumber.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado GMC Canyon

“The Colorado won because it was the truck that best met our award’s key criteria,” said Loh. ” We look at engineering excellence, fantastic vehicle from top to bottom in terms of its capabilities.  Can tow up to 7,000 pounds.  Great handling truck.  Strong value statement as well, particularly the work truck.  If you look at the base entry level work truck you’re talking low $20,000 dollar range.  So on and on again, against each one of our criteria Colorado came out ahead.”

Phone lines between Dearborn and Motor Trend’s offices in Los Angeles must be humming.

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