Speeding Laws in All 50 States

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Road & Track has posted a handy, mobile-friendly guide for all of you that would like to avoid a $500 ticket and the inevitable, seven-year spike in your insurance rates over the holiday weekend. It’s a fantastic resource for keeping yourself out of trouble.

A few key points:

  • Going faster than 35 in a school zone in Arizona can net you 30 days in the joint.
  • In Illinois, 26 miles per hour over the posted speed limit can earn a maximum fine of 12 months imprisonment, and a $2500 fine for a “class A” violation.
  • In Minnesota (which has really homely state police livery on its cruisers, BTW), the “excessive speed” threshold doesn’t kick in until 100mph.
  • Failure to give proper signals—for intent to turn, change lanes, slow down, or stop—is considered reckless driving in Virginia, which can result in a maximum penalty of 12 months imprisonment, $2500 fine and 6-month license suspension.


The guide is fantastic, with a profile of each state’s police livery so you can keep an eye out for rollers.

For the complete rundown, visit Road & Track.

Craig Fitzgerald

Craig Fitzgerald

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