Study: 13% of Drivers “Do Something Sexy” While Commuting [INFOGRAPHIC]

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According to the community-based navigation and traffic app Waze, in a study conducted with Lab42, we’re doing a lot more in our cars than driving when we commute. Our activities range from the benign (49% of us sing) to the disgusting (26% pick our noses) to the cryptic (13% “do something sexy”).

If you don’t know about Waze, it’s a very cool app that combines traditional navigation with crowd-sourced, real-time data about what’s going on with your commute. Is there a gawker-blocker caused by an accident beside the road? You’ll know it before the traffic copter does. Is there a County Mountie with a radar behind that Dunkin’ Donuts? Waze users will virtually flash you the high beams to let you know.

The data from the Waze/Lab42 study has some pretty interesting, mildly disturbing facts about what’s going on behind the glass in that car next to you:

58% experience road rage

45% are performing some kind of grooming ritual

13% did “something sexy,” although specifically what was mercifully unspecified

One guy talked to himself and answered in the “second person” which is a grammatical high wire act



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For more on Waze and what the app’s all about, visit, or download it from the App Store, Google Play or the Windows Phone Store.


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