MyFord Touch Siri Eyes Free integration

Apple Siri Eyes-Free Comes to 2011-Up Fords

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Been thinking about trading in your 2011 Ford for something new with Apple CarPlay? Wait! Ask yourself: “Would adding Siri to my current car make MyFord Touch bearable?”

MyFord Touch Siri Eyes Free integration
Many MyFord Touch head units in 2011 through 2016 model year Ford vehicles will be able to add Siri Eyes Free functionality for Apple iPhone users via a software update,Ford said. Photo: Ford Motor Company

Ford said in a press release it will offer a software update for more than 5 million of its cars, trucks, and SUVs to bring Siri Eyes Free technology to MyFord Touch head units dating back to 2011. Since 2011, you’ve probably upgraded to the latest Apple iPhone at least two or three times, so perhaps this update will bring your car a little more up-to-speed with your latest iOS device.

Ford Electronics and Electrical Systems Engineering Director Sherif Marakby said, “SYNC, Ford’s entertainment and communications system, was designed to be flexible and updatable, just like other mobile technologies, so our customers are able to get the most out of their smartphones while behind the wheel. Siri Eyes-Free is another great voice-activated feature that not only adds convenience but helps our customers keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.”

According to the press release, the software update will allow drivers to summon Siri by making a long press on the steering wheel-mounted voice command button. Then, they can simply ask Siri for a number of requests, including to make a phone call to an address book contact, look up phone numbers for restaurants or other points of interest, set a reminder or alarm, retrieve weather information, select music to play, send and receive text messages by voice, and get directions from Apple Maps, according to Ford.

Here’s a little video demonstrating how sending a text message by voice works via Siri Eyes Free in a MyFord Touch vehicle.

Owners of Ford vehicles with the second-generation MyFord Touch infotainment system who want to download the software update will need to visit this link, Ford said.

Let’s be honest: While the first generation of MyFord Touch had plenty of issues, the subsequent generation has largely proven itself both reliable and easy enough for the majority of drivers to use and understand.

I’ve used some of the latest iterations of MyFord Touch this year and found the quartered arrangement of the home screen useful and easy to navigate, giving me quick access to audio, phone, navigation, and climate settings simply by touching one of the four quarters of the screen. It was equally as easy to use in both the Ford Expedition and the Lincoln MKC I tested earlier this year.

So although MyFord Touch might lack the slick user interface promised by Apple CarPlay, it is by no means unpleasant to use. A free upgrade to bring Siri to MyFord Touch might be just the thing to add just enough Apple flavor to the infotainment experience in your Ford vehicle to improve usability without the need to spring for a new car — or, at the very least, a new aftermarket head unit.

At the holidays, surely anyone’s bank account would agree a free software update is worth trying before spending even more money on new car electronics or the much larger expense of a new car.

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