Byton Electric Crossover Puts Screens Everywhere

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It wasn’t many years ago when there were no video screens in cars. Remember those teeny, tiny audio display screens that had pixelated green dots? If you were lucky, then your car was so fancy it scrolled the song title across the display. Today we have electric car startup Byton and it’s putting screens everywhere you can possibly cram one inside its new crossover.

Let’s start with the one on the dashboard. It’s not unusual to have a large screen on the dashboard. Some cars even have two screens, but Byton has what they call a coast-to-coast display that runs 49 inches across the center console. That’s massive.

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Where this is a concept vehicle, it would be natural to assume the giant screen isn’t going to be there in the production model. Byton, however, says the plan is to keep the giant screen when the car is offered for sale in 2019.

There are two additional screens located on the backs of the front headrests to entertain folks in the rear seats and there’s yet one more screen right in the center of the steering wheel. You can’t help but wonder how all this stuff is going to work in the real world given how distracted we are with only one normal-sized screen in the dashboard.

Adding to its techy focus is a lack of side mirrors. Instead, there are tiny cameras that will show you everything you need to see on that giant center console. Byton says its electric will be Level 3 autonomous when it launches, which should help with that whole distracted driving thing. Plans for Level 4 autonomous capability are also set for the launch.

That’s a lot of the future in a vehicle meant to arrive next year, so you’d expect the price to be on the high side. Surprisingly, starting price is set to be around $45,000.

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In addition to its futuristic tech, this EV crossover will have an all-electric range of 250 miles to make it competitive in the electric vehicle market. It will charge up to 150 miles of range in 20 minutes and reach 80 percent of its range in only 30 minutes.

It’s an interesting vehicle, but let’s see if Byton can pull it off when it comes time for production.