Coming Soon: In-Vehicle Holographic Augmented Reality

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If you are a technophile you are going to love what WayRay has in store for your next car.

Augmented reality will bring supplemental information to the view from your vehicle. Like a head-up display does now but with much more available detail. And holographic images. One leader in the technology is  WayRay. The company has recently added to its resources pool with a Series C funding round that included both Porsche and Hyundai. “As a deep-tech company, we are committed to creating fundamental innovations that bring us far beyond holographic AR displays and new interfaces,” said Vitaly Ponomarev, CEO of WayRay. WayRay’s corporate HQ is in Switzerland and its R&D is in Russia. Its main consumer market today is China.

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The difference between today’s HUD systems and something like what WayRay produces is content. Using WiFi, GPS, and other connectivity sources, AR holographic (ARH) systems will pull in the information you want and will provide drivers with a deeper understanding of the surroundings. ARH systems will offer you a display showing what is beyond your field of view and add information coming to your vehicle from outside sources. For example, helpful information like the current wait time at a restaurant or coffee shop as you approach the turn-in to its parking area. Or safety-related, such as a warning that an emergency vehicle will intersect your route ahead. What you see is going to be unlimited in availability. Like present-day displays, expect to be able to filter what you don’t want. Likely using Alexa or native in-vehicle voice commands.

ARH is easy to understand once one sees it in action. A great example of the concept is seen throughout the recently released  Blade Runner 2049 film. As the characters walk through the streets they view information constantly. In fact, one of the main characters is an AR hologram with lifelike artificial intelligence called Joi.

New technology has been trickling down to affordable models more rapidly than ever as time passes. ARH may be one of the first cutting-edge technologies to launch in a mainstream vehicle. Hyundai has announced a plan to have augmented reality holographic navigation and more in your car by 2020. “WayRay has remarkable expertise in both hardware and software development for holographic AR display systems. The Hyundai-WayRay collaboration will help us establish a brand new eco-system that harnesses AR technology to enhance not only navigation systems, but also establish an AR platform for smart city and smart mobility, which are Hyundai Motor Group’s new business interests which will provide innovative customer experiences,” said Dr. Youngcho Chi, Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group.

The WayRay projection system is reportedly smaller than current HUD systems in today’s vehicles, yet provides a clearer image. The WayRay system has a much wider field of view and will display more content (virtual objects) at a comfortable distance for a driver’s eyes. Unlike today’s systems, the content will appear across the full length of the windshield and also the side windows.