Elon Musk Drops Hints About New Tesla Superchargers

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The world is slowly creeping toward acceptance of electric vehicles, but there are a few obstacles standing in the way. The largest is the ability to quickly and easily charge vehicles, but Tesla’s Elon Musk thinks it’s a problem we’ll soon overcome.

No matter how efficient, how beautiful, or how exhilarating it is to drive an electric vehicle, most people aren’t buying into the idea. A huge part of everyone’s reluctance is the charging issue.

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It’s easy enough to install a charger at home, but once you drive away you’re at the mercy of the limited charging infrastructure. More and more public areas are getting chargers, but they’re sill nowhere near as easy to find as a gas station.

There’s also the issue of the time it takes to charge. It’s a matter of minutes to fill up a gas tank, but charging your car takes time. No one wants to hang around waiting for their car to charge.

Elon Musk took to Twitter on Christmas Eve with the promise of faster charging stations. He sees charging going from the hours it takes today to only five to ten minutes in the future.

It started with a question about installing solar arrays on Supercharger stations, to which Musk replied:

The interesting part of that tweet isn’t the use of solar arrays on some of their Supercharger stations, but this new Supercharger V3. The conversation continued with questions about the new power output, which Musk hints will be no small leap from where things stand today.

Considering that the latest version of the Supercharger is at 145 kW, something greater than 350 kW is a huge leap forward. Before you get too excited, don’t expect these new and wondrous Superchargers to show up tomorrow. It’s a work in progress, and Musk could be hinting at technology we won’t see for a few years.

Whether it happens tomorrow or not, it’s an exciting promise for those hoping electric vehicles gain prominence. There’s a good chance this type of charger could eliminate the disparity between how long it takes to pump a tank full of gas and how long it takes to get a full charge on an electric.

Tesla’s Supercharger V3 is also likely to have a new type of cable that won’t require getting out of the car. While this might seem appealing to those who don’t want to have to stand in the cold on a winter day, it’s more about letting self-driving cars recharge without human interaction.

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Elon Musk often teases big news on Twitter. Sure, it’s just a tease, but he has a habit of following through on this tweets. The Tesla Supercharger V3 could be the next step in making electric vehicle charging as quick and easy as pumping a tank of gas.