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The Fast and the Furious Supra For Sale at Mecum; Supra Enthusiasts Unimpressed

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Fast and Furious SupraOne of the stunt Supras from The Fast and the Furious movie is up for sale.  Your chance to own a piece of the franchise is here.  Just don’t plan on impressing other Supra owners.

The 1993 Supra from The Fast and the Furious driven by character Brian O’Connor, played by the late Paul Walker, is up for sale by Mecum.  The car is not a Supra Turbo.  However, it does have nitrous.  The car was built and reinforced to handle actual driving scenes, not simply close-ups, and Mecum is offering proof of its credentials, prior to its May 12 to 17 sale in Indianapolis.

We reached out to professional tuner, Supra enthusiasts and expert Vlad Yevtushenko (himself the builder of a fourth-gen, 1,000HP Supra Turbo chronicled in the following video) for his take on the car and its value.   He was surprised by the price.  Yevtushenko pegs its non-movie car value at under $20K.  Maybe way under $20K.  The car is a 5-speed manual, but with just 220 rated horsepower, it is a show car, not a go-car.

Despite its reinforcements for movie stunts scenes, the car may not really be that special, and modifying it will ruin its future resale value.  Mecum thinks the car will sell for between $150,000 and $200,000 at auction in May.

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You can jump directly to the Mecum page for the vehicle at this link.  Two of the more famous scenes the car (and its stunt siblings) participated in were the Ferrari street race and the race with Vin Diesel’s Charger.

Note:  Author is a former Supra owner and is impressed.