Uconnect Home Screen

FCA Previews Better, Faster, Stronger Uconnect Infotainment

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Uconnect Home Screen

Infotainment is an increasingly important consideration when buying a new car. Buyers want a system that’s easy to use with key features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto along with the ability to customize the screen to their preferences. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles delivers with the fifth generation of its Uconnect infotainment system.

Personalized User Profiles

This new version of Uconnect includes the ability to add up to five customizable user profiles and a valet mode. No more having to reset everything to the way you like it after someone else drives your car. Choose your profile from the system’s touchscreen and the system calls up your preferences for temperature, seating and mirror positions, music, and vehicle operation.

Personalization includes creating a home screen with icons that can be rearranged to suit individual tastes. There’s also a new card-based format that lets you determine which features are displayed on the screen for quick access.

Uconenct Profiles

Improved User Experience

Uconnect has long provided one of the most intuitive and easy to learn infotainment systems available. That didn’t stop the team at FCA from taking things a step further with a multitude of small improvements to improve the user experience. This includes making the system five times faster than the previous generation.

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The screens also have detailed backdrops that match not just the brand, but even the trim level. What Uconnect looks like in a Chrysler Pacifica is going to be slightly different than what you’ll see in a Dodge Challenger with each screen matching the character of the car. Designers looked at screen edges, location, angle, and depth to make sure its optimized for easy viewing and easy use.

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Already available on over 80 percent of FCA vehicles, these two key smartphone connectivity features will expand to include the entire fleet. They’ll also go wireless so you’ll no longer need to plug-in and will allow for the connection of two devices at once.

Uconnect Navigation

Navigation with Over-the-Air Updates

Navigation now comes courtesy of TomTom with traffic, EV, and connected services. The system will allow for over the air updates and last mile navigation, which can even give you walking directions from your vehicle to your destination through the Uconnect smartphone app.

Better Voice Control

Using voice commands helps keep your eyes on the road and reduce distraction, but only if the system understands what you say. The latest Uconnect includes improved microphone technology and placement along with upgraded software that does a better job of filtering out background noise to accurately hear your voice.


You can’t run down to your local dealership and get a vehicle with the latest Uconnect system just yet. Expect it to roll out later this year with news about which cars get if first coming closer to the release date.

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