General Motors Developing Faster EV Charging System

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The move to electric vehicles is happening slowly as consumers try to wrap their minds around the idea of driving a car you plug in instead of filling up. Part of the problem is the time it takes to get enough of a charge to go about your day, so General Motors is focused on a new fast-charging system for its vehicles that could rival Tesla’s current superchargers.

GM is working with Delta Americas on a three-year project to create a faster charging network. How much time could this new system save? Lets take a look at the Chevrolet Bolt EV. It currently gets roughly 25 miles of range for every hour spend plugged into a Level 2 fast charger. The new system will give the Chevy Bolt EV up to 180 miles of range in all of 10 minutes.

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That works out to only 3 miles per minute right now with a jump to 18 miles per minute with the new faster system. That’s a big difference and it makes electric vehicles that much less intimidating to the masses. Tesla, meanwhile, is sitting at about 6 miles per minute. If GM pulls it off, they’ll offer charging three times faster than what you’ll get with Tesla.

GM isn’t the only automaker looking at fast charging that exceeds what’s available today. Both Porsche and Aston Martin are working on improving the charging experience by reducing the time customers need to sit around and wait. Their projected times sit in the middle between Tesla and GM at 12.4 miles per minute.

The reality is most people don’t even need to charge their cars when they’re out for the day. The typical roundtrip commute requires most consumers stop and charge only when they’re home and they won’t run out of juice. Still, for those longer trips or for days when you’re simply going a different route and stopping at more places than usual, having to sit around and wait for a charge is less than appealing.

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GM set a goal of having 20 electric cars ready for sale by 2023, all of which will be able to take advantage of this new faster charging system. That’s a lofty target, especially considering how low-volume electric vehicles are right now.

With a wider range of choices and an improved, faster charging system, GM is betting the public will buy into an electrified future.