GMC Sierra MultiPro Tailgate – One Tailgate, Six Modes

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The GMC Sierra is all-new for 2019 with a new look and new features. On the list is an available carbon fiber bed and a new off-road trim called the AT4, which heralds a sub-brand like the Denali. Perhaps the thing that stands out the most, however, is the MultiPro tailgate.

If you have a truck, chances are you’re going to put stuff into the bed. Sure, there are some people who haul nothing more than air, but for those who buy a truck because they need the capability of one, the features around back make a big difference. Those people are going to love the MultiPro tailgate.

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The typical tailgate swings up and down. There may also be built in steps with varying degrees of sturdiness so you can step right into the back rather than using a side step or crawling over the tailgate like an awkward toddler.

The folks at GMC decided that isn’t nearly enough functionality, so they devised the MultiPro tailgate with six different modes to cover every possible occasion. Here’s what you get:

  1. Primary Tailgate: This is the one that everyone knows and loves. Push a button on the tailgate or on the keyfob and the tailgate lowers like usual.
  2. Load Stop: With the tailgate down, flip up the built-in load stop to keep whatever you’ve loaded from sliding out the back of the truck.
  3. Inner Gate: Press a button on the tailgate and the inner gate – roughly the top third of the primary tailgate – flips down so you can step closer to the bed and reach items further back.
  4. Inner Gate as Second Tier: With the primary tailgate up, release the inner gate and it creates a little shelf with a load stop. This lets you load a second tier of cargo.
  5. Inner Gate as Work Surface: With the primary tailgate up, release the inner gate without the load stop and you have an ideal work surface.
  6. Steps: The inner gate morphs yet again to reveal a sturdy set of steps that holds up to 375 pounds.

Looking for a new or used GMC Sierra? Check out BestRide’s listings search here.

That’s a lot of functionality and it’s probably more than most people will use very often. The beauty of the MultiPro tailgate is while you might not use all the features all the time, there’s a good chance there’s a combination of features in there that will regularly make your life much easier.

The MultiPro tailgate is standard on the SLT, Denali, and new off-road AT4 trims.