TECH: Can A Car Be Protected From Hail Damage?

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Hail caused $10 billion in damage from 2013 to 2015.  Can you save your car from hail damage?

hail still shot fox youtube

Last month in Denver, baseball-sized hail punched holes in the windshields of cars and destroyed the bodywork of many others, as this image from Fox News shows.

May is the top month for hail damage in the United States.  This according to The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), which reports that 2,116,980 hail loss claims were recorded by insurers from 2013 through 2015.  If 2016 proves to be an average year,  165,000 hail damage claims will be reported just this month. 

hail loss graph courtesy of NICB

Vehicles are one of the most commonly damaged forms of property reported on homeowners insurance claims.   Patrick Marsh, a meteorologist with NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center, told the Wall Street Journal that, “Hail can cause a lot more damage than a tornado by a large margin if you get one that moves through a metro area.”

Think hail only strikes cars and trucks in other parts of the country?  Guess again and look at this hail map:

hail map care of hail protector dot com

Not everyone owns a garage, so what can a person do to protect their vehicle if the weather forecast warns of impending hail?  Drive to a covered location if possible but that is not always practical.

Hailstorm Products may have one solution.

hail protector inage

Their inflatable cover can protect a vehicle from hail as this video shows.

The inflatable Hail Protector is sold directly by the company or via for around $400.  How does one know when to deploy the hail protector?  The company provides a free app that alerts owners if hail is approaching.

hail protector mobile app

The app is also available on its own for five bucks, so you could run (or drive) for cover with its warning.

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