Watch Jon Olsson Drive a Lamborghini up a Glacier

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Olsson Lamborghini

Alpine skier Jon Olsson is known for both his skills on the slopes and his penchant for modifying supercars. Since he’s often in snowy weather, he makes sure his cars are up for the task.

This time, he went more than a little crazy. He gets behind the wheel of a Lamborghini and drives it up a glacier.

The car in question has some special modifications that make it perfect for the task. Okay, it might not be perfect, but let’s just say it’s the perfect Lamborghini for the task.

Olsson had his Lamborghini Murcielago LP 620 given a full makeover to make it suitable for the glacier climb. It wasn’t something that happened overnight but took three years.

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It started with one guy who offered to build the car for free as a promotional stunt. It sounds a little shady in retrospect and Olsson learned the hard way that nothing is free.

The guy disassembled this car, went bankrupt, and sold the parts to pay his rent. Olsson had to pick up the remaining pieces and start over with an incomplete car.

Two more years passed while he had parts remade and enhancements added to make it better. It’s the Bionic Man of Lamborghinis.

There’s a full carbon kit, BRL sound system, full suede interior with custom seats, Gallardo carbon steering wheel, larger brakes, and it was converted to rear-wheel drive. There’s also a ski box on top, which is an enhancement you’ll find on all his cars.

Once the car was done, he had to come up with a way to have some fun. This gave him the idea of putting on seriously studded tires and taking it up a glacier.

The scene of the shenanigans is Fonna Glacier Ski Resort in Norway. The Lamborghini makes short work of the slope, so Olsson decides to make it a more interesting with a little ski-inspired course.

He sets up a bunch of gates and then slaloms down the hill with snow flying in his wake. He even clips the gates with his side mirrors and front tires the same way he would with skis and poles.

It’s a crazy stunt with no real purpose, but it’s exactly the kind of thing you do when you’re an athlete who loves cars. You know you’d do it too if you had the cash to buy a Lamborghini.

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