New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast Adds Chargers to Welcome EV Road-Trippers

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One classic New England Bed and Breakfast adds a modern touch to welcome EV road drivers.

The Colby Hill Inn located in Henniker, New Hampshire has all the charm one would expect from an inn built in 1797.  Nestled in the heart of New Hampshire, the Inn is walking distance to covered bridges, mountain vistas and the Contoocook (Con-too-kik) river’s falls.  What this Inn offers that most B&Bs don’t is the ability of an electric vehicle owner from the Boston area to make it to the Inn on a charge and then top-off their car at one of the two EV chargers the owners installed.

2015-08-31 06.53.47One charger is dedicated to Tesla electric vehicles and the second is available for any model EV.  The Inn’s car-friendly features don’t end there.  If you are like me you have a car you think of as special.   You would prefer not to park next to a Ford Expedition full of kids who will swing their doors open and nail yours leaving a baseball-sized divot.  Nor do you want the spot under the sugar maple dripping sap and bird droppings down on your aluminum beauty.   The Colby Hill Inn has a ginormous parking lot hidden around back just for you (and me).  Plenty of private, safe parking.

2015-08-31 08.08.27

The staff at the Inn is friendly and helpful, but they are not up in your business like some lonely couples I’ve met who run B&Bs.  Breakfast the morning I stayed at the Inn was a choice of eggs benedict or apple spice crepes.  It almost killed me to have to decide.  The waitress could not have been better.  She was friendly, and my coffee was always 3/4s full.  She even offered to switch my breakfast after I forgot which I had ordered.

2015-08-30 16.59.36

Inside, I found the Inn’s two dining rooms to be classy and colonial.  One of the sitting rooms has a woodstove that almost made wish it was cooler (almost).

2015-08-31 08.08.17

My room on the second floor was at the top of a staircase and down a hall I can only describe as “trippy.”  It was like something out of a Willy Wonka remake with the floor, doors, and ceilings doing their own thing at their own angle.  I loved it, as I did the creaky barn-board floors.  This was quite a contrast to the powerful WiFi signal I found throughout the property.

2015-08-31 08.09.38

Inside all the rooms have their own bathrooms, and I chose the least expensive one available.  On a humid 90-degree day, I was relieved to find the room cooled by central AC one could control with an antique pull-chain.  Despite the bargain price ($168 total), my room was spacious and bright.  I slept with the window open, and I never heard a single car pass by.

2015-08-30 17.03.33

The Colby Hill Inn is near so many great attractions it is hard to know where to begin.  Pats Peak ski area, New England College’s covered bridge, the Fox State Forest, Emerald Lake, Mt. Sunapee and Crotched Mountain are all nearby.  If you’d like to tie a trip to the Inn with a back-roads fall foliage drive away from the crowds, here is one I created just for you.

Note: The author’s visit was paid out of pocket, and the Inn did not receive prior notice of this review.