Powder coat wheels

Powder coating wheels creates a durable and great-looking finish

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Powder coat wheels

In the third and final installment of our series we look at how powder coating can make your wheels look great with a very durable finish.

Powder coating is a type of painting.  Just like it sounds, it does not use a liquid media to transfer its pigment.  Rather, it is a dry application.  The main advantages are that the coating can be applied thicker than liquid media paints, and the coating is harder than conventional paints.  This thick, hard coating is perfect for wheels and other automotive parts that see tough duty such as brake calipers.


In most cases, automotive powder coatings start with the item to be painted being cleaned of prior paint coatings.  This is normally done with media blasting to expose bare metal.  Next, a primer coating may be used, or the color applied directly.   A special powder coating spray gun applies the powder.  Most of the time, the application is electrostatic meaning that the substrate (wheel) and the powder have opposite electrical charges to make the coating adhere temporarily.  After the part is coated, it is baked at about 400F.  The backing process cures the polymer paint and allows the powder to temporarily soften before hardening.  The final result is a high-quality finish that is very durable.