PRODUCT REVIEW: WeatherTech Floor Mats and Trunk Cargo Liners

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Weatehr tech snow

Waterproof floor mats and cargo liners do much more than make clean up easier.  We take a look at the industry leader.

If your brain brings up images of shopping at Zayre’s for floor mats to go into an Olds Delmont 88, you may have gotten the wrong impression.  When I was coming up, aftermarket floor mats didn’t fit – any car.  You’d size them up at the automotive aisle next to linens and draperies and take them out to the parking lot full of hope.  As soon as they were on the floor you hated them and yourself for buying them.  They curled at the corners and ended up under the pedals in a mess.  Those days ended when MacNeil Automotive began making WeatherTech floor mats right here in the U.S. of A.

weatehr tech measureThe secret to the WeatherTech floor mat fitting inside your new Audi Q3 or older Chevy Silverado is that the company actually measures the floor in the vehicle and then makes mats that fit.  This simple, but revolutionary concept means that when you buy a mat from the company it drops in perfectly every time.  Having used the WeatherTech mats in a 2003 Accord, a trunk-liner in a 2006 Accord, full floor mats front and rear in a 2007 Highlander, and most recently, a cargo mat in a 2013 BMW X3, we can attest to the fit and quality of the products.  They also stay put because they have the same retention holes as the automaker’s mats.

weather tech trunkSo why buy a mat or trunk liner?  One reason is to keep the inside of your car from smelling.  Anywhere it snows you will be dragging slush and ice into your car with your boots.  That stuff has no place to go.  Cars are waterproof.  That slush and muck sits there in the footwell and starts to get nasty.  The WeatherTech floor mats have a pleasant surprise.  When that liquid is on top of a rubber mat, it dries from the heat vents, unlike in cars with carpeted mats.   Clean-up of a WeatherTech mat is  easy.  Remove, hose it down, give it a quick wipe, and in they go again for the summer, keeping beach sand and soccer cleat mud off the floor.

2015-09-09 13.09.48BestRide’s Craig Fitzgerald, who owns and restores older SUVs, says that floor mats like these are one of the six best ways to combat rust and rot of the floor pan of your ride.  We recently called out luxury automakers for putting cream-colored carpet in the back of $85K luxury SUVs.  Get a proper floor mat for the back.  As the saying goes, winter is coming.  What are you waiting for?

Image note:  Last image is our photo of a WeatherTech mat in service 9 years and not washed since March.