TECH: Cadillac XT5 Looks to Put the Lexus RX in Its Rear View Mirror

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Cadillac’s all-new XT5 crossover ups the ante with the first rear-view camera in the segment.

If you’ve driven a modern crossover, you know that the view out the rear has been shrinking.

In addition to style trends that have narrowed the rear glass, headrests in the second row can obscure the scene in the rear-view mirror. Back-up cameras in the infotainment screen are helpful but are really just a workaround for a fully-functioning rear-view mirror and a clear view out the back window.

Cadillac has a new solution to this problem. The company has a new streaming video camera in the rearview mirror that provides a view better than a regular mirror can.

cadillac camera mirro info graphicThe premium crossover market is red-hot, and Cadillac’s current entry, the SRX, has just been replaced by the 2017 XT5.

This crossover is tasked with competing with the Lexus RX 350, which started the segment four generations back and is still the leading seller in this class of vehicles. Cars have jumped the shark, and crossovers are what people are buying instead. Last month, not only was the Cadillac SRX the company’s top-selling model, it outsold the ATS and CTS sedans combined.

Needless to say, Cadillac has a lot riding on the success of the XT5.

Had Cadillac relied on its old playbook to deal with a competitor – add power and add size – it would have failed miserably.  Lexus’ RX 350 has more than enough power (over 300 horses) and is spacious and comfortable for five, but still small enough to park and easily move around a parking lot.

To challenge Lexus, Cadillac needed new technology with true user appeal.  The rearview mirror could be one example of exactly what buyers in this segment are looking for.

cadillac camera for mirror

The streaming video mirror increases the field of view by about four times that of a standard mirror.  In addition, it offers a crisper image in low light situations and has a special coating, so it works in the rain and wet conditions.

Best of all, should the driver prefer the mirror to act like a conventional mirror, she need only flip a toggle at the mirror’s base.

Cadillac is struggling right now with declining sales and a sedan-heavy model mix.  Innovations like the streaming video mirror are exactly what might right the ship.

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