TECH: Please Welcome the Term “Power Pedal”

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Let’s ditch the words “gas pedal” and “accelerator.” They no longer fit the bill.


When a vehicle has no gasoline engine on board calling the right pedal a “gas pedal” is just silly. With one-foot driving on its way, and the ability to stop a vehicle using only the right pedal, calling that pedal the “accelerator” is equally incorrect. Let’s stop all that, and switch to calling the right pedal, the “Power Pedal.”


The “go pedal” was a consideration, but in a Tesla or a Chevy Bolt, or numerous other cars now available or about to be, the right pedal makes the car stop as well as go. Move your foot up and the cars starts to slow down dramatically as the regenerative braking takes effect and stops the car. A pedal that makes a car stop is not a “go” pedal. Still with us?

What you are really going to be doing with that right foot in cars to come is controlling the power. Not just giving the car the OK to apply power, but also the command to create power and slow the car down. That’s why the term power pedal makes sense going forward.


The cool thing about this new term that we have just created is that it also is backwards compatible. Let’s give it a try: “I was in my 1967 Camaro, and I wanted to pass a Mustang, so I floored the power pedal.” Seems to work just fine.

Because this new name is so perfect, we have opted to trademark it. So the term pedal power when used in any story or advertisement will be “power pedal, a registered trademark of BestRide and John Goreham, HMFIC, LLC.” However, to keep it easy to use, we will forgo all that if you are a fan of BestRide and let you just say “power pedal.”

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One pedal drive image courtesy of BMW.