The 2021 Hyundai Tiger Mobility Vehicle

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Hyundai TIGER X-1 UMV Is the Ultimate Walking, Wheeled Delivery Drone

Hyundai made waves in 2019 with its CES showing of the Elevate concept—an “Ultimate Mobility Vehicle” that featured motorized wheels attached to five-jointed “legs” that enabled it to walk and climb, as well as drive.

The best-known walking vehicles in our collective consciousness are those wielded by the evil Empire in the Star Wars movies, so think of this one as a much smaller, nimbler, more agile, friendlier version of an All-Terrain Armored Transport “Walker”—but the “feet” are swapped for electrically powered wheels. Hyundai has continued working on the Elevate concept and recently gave us a progress report.

February 9, 2021