VIDEO: You’ve Got to See This Ridiculous Transmission Repair to Believe It

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WD Trans Edd 1

In a recent Wheeler Dealers episode, Edd China repairs the transmission of an Audi TT that has no first or second gear with a 50-pence nut and bolt.  The fix is classic, and may be one of his best of many amazing feats of automobile repair.

Wheeler Dealers is perhaps the best car-nut TV program in America.  That is a very big compliment since it is made mostly in the U.K.  In the Show Mike Brewer finds “modern classics” that he feels might be spruced up and then sold on at a profit.  The repair and reconditioning fall to the “Tall Man”, Edd.  Edd thinks nothing of removing an engine from an Italian Supercar to dig around inside its guts.  He is also humble enough to rub down a car by hand for painting.  Everyone loves Edd because he logically and methodically identifies the probable cause of a problem, then shows us how he reaches the broken part, fixes it, and then buttons everything back up.  He makes the very difficult appear relatively doable.

Transmission repair

In a recent episode, Mike Brewer finds and buys an Audi TT.  Its manual transmission will not go into first or second.  Mucking around in a premium German sports car’s tranny is not for the faint of heart.  Edd does not hesitate.  He removes the transmission, no easy feat itself.  Then he breaks it open to look inside.  Luckily, he finds that a locator for the trans has been broken off my a sheared rivet.  Amazingly, the locator fork and the rivet parts have not gone into the gears and caused a catastrophic failure.

This is amazing enough.  However, it is what Edd does to fix the parts that makes this episode so fun.  He first builds a special tool to press out the remaining rivet shaft.  The tool catches the part, so it is not dropped into the gearbox.  Then, using a nut and bolt costing less than a pound he refits the gear selector fork and bolts everything back together.  Of course, he replaces the clutch along the way.  Just another day at work.  In the end, his fix saves the thousands of pounds and the vehicle is sold on for a profit.

This fix is fun for a non-mechanic to watch, and I suspect a mechanic might also tip his cap to Edd for this bold and successful fix.  Jump to time stamp 22 minutes if you don’t want to see the whole video.  Wheeler Dealers is shown on the Velocity Channel at 9pm on Wednesdays.

Still images and video courtesy of Wheeler Dealers Full Season 11-12 and Youtube.